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Vintage Postcards of Bayside, New York

Wayburn Residence
© Bayside Historical Society

Wayburn Residence

Ned Wayburn (1874-1942) was one of the most well known and influential choreographers of his day. Best remembered for staging the Ziegfeld Follies and the Midnight Frolics at the New Amsterdam Theatre in Manhattan he is also credited with producing and choreographing over 500 revues, musical comedies and vaudeville attractions including Phantastic Phantoms (1907), The Daisy Dancers (1906), and The Passing Show (1913).

Wayburn created steps such as the “Ziegfeld Walk” and the “Gilda Glide”, and worked with many well-known performers of the time such as Gilda Gray, Ann Pennington, Barbara Stanwyck, Mae West and Fanny Brice.

Wayburn was one of many theatrical personalities who purchased homes in Bayside in the early part of the 20th Century. Wayburn purchased this home from Norris Mason in 1918 on Waldo Avenue (26th Street) in the area known as Bayside Park. That same year Wayburn became a member of the Bayside Yacht Club.

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