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Bayside Historical Society Archives



BHS’s archival repository at the Castle is dedicated to making available to researchers of all ages primary source material, artifacts, real and personal property of historical interest, records, material and ephemera which document the continuing growth, development and activities of the communities in Northeast Queens.

Some of the collections held in our repository:

Photo Services

Bayside Historical Society’s photo collection is now available for digitization and printing. Please call 718-352-1548 or e-mail us at to inquire about pricing and photo selection!

BHS digitization services



As part of our mission is to collect, preserve, and make available material concerning Northeast Queens and its residents, we welcome donations from all members of our community including individuals, families, civic groups, religious and political organizations, clubs, schools and businesses. Examples of donations include, but are not limited to, photographs, organizational memorabilia, land deeds, genealogical documentation, maps, business records, personal papers, brochures, scrapbooks, pamphlets, diaries, year books, correspondence, sound recordings, films, videotapes, telephone directories, memorabilia, and ephemera. Please contact the archivist to discuss donating material to the archives. Donations to the Bayside Historical Society may be tax deductible.

Bridal shoes, circa 1920. Gift of Joan Brown Wettingfeld.

Image: Bridal shoes, circa 1920. Gift of Joan Brown Wettingfeld.

Rights and Reproductions


Unpublished material covered by restrictions may only be used subject to those restrictions. Photocopying of most material is permitted for personal use only and is governed by United States copyright law. Requests for all other uses must be made in writing. Permission to use the resources of BHS for commercial purposes is granted on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of BHS. Please contact us for information concerning permissions. License fees apply depending on the type and nature of the intended use.

Membership of BHS is not a requisite, nor is there a charge for researching at the Castle.

BHS does not provide telephone or e-mail research requests.

To arrange an appointment or to inquire about our holdings please call 718-352-1548 or e-mail us at

BHS archival collections
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