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Bring Your Students to the Castle!

The education programs at Bayside Historical Society are designed to enhance the New York State Common Core Curriculum Standards in Social Studies.

Our highly interactive programs welcome students from elementary school through high school, and many make use of the Society’s archives at The Officers’ Club at Fort Totten Park. Through the use of primary and secondary sources, students are encouraged to become active historians. They are given the opportunity to examine authentic artifacts and documents, such as letters, photographs and maps. Students are motivated to hypothesize and interpret, and to use their deductive reasoning skills. Our programs are tailored to meet the age and interest level as well as the special needs of visiting students.

Grandmother's Trunk
Grandmother's Trunk
Recommended Grades: K to 5

In our most popular program, elementary school students interact with authentic artifacts to learn what everyday life was like in Queens in the early 1900s. As part of their exploration, students examine household items, clothing, toys, documents, old photographs, schoolbooks and other historical objects. They are encouraged to analyze these artifacts and compare life back then to their lives today. Through this program, which is tailored to the appropriate grade level, they are introduced to fundamental research skills such as brainstorming, analysis and evaluation. Students engage in hands-on activities that include playing with popular toys of the period and dressing up in turn-of-the-century-style clothing. This is an exciting, fun-filled way to bring history to life!

School Days
School Days
Recommended Grades: 4 and 5

​By examining photographs and artifacts and participating in old-fashioned lessons, students learn what school was like a century ago. During the program, students examine documents and textbooks, play schoolyard games, experiment with dip pens, and even participate in a spelling bee. After engaging with primary sources, students are encouraged to think critically about education and how the experience of schooling has changed over time and continues to change.

History Detectives
History Detectives
Recommended Grades: 5 to 12

In this program, middle school and high school students use primary sources such as documents, letters, maps and photographs to become familiar with life in Queens more than a century ago. Acting as detectives, students will gather, describe and evaluate evidence while using their critical-thinking skills to answer specific questions. In the process, they will expand their knowledge of local history while developing their documentary research skills.

Class Fees

School trip requests

Use our School Trip Request Form if you would like to book a field trip for your students. Programs fill up quickly, so be sure to book early!  Last year available dates were completely filled and we were unable to honor every request.  Please note that we offer only one session per day and can accommodate a maximum of 32 students per session. 


Payment may be made online before the trip or by check or credit card on the day of the trip. Checks should be made payable to "Bayside Historical Society." Please note that we do not accept cash.

Come Tour The BHS Castle!
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