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Bayside Historical Society

Landmarking Success Stories

As part of Bayside Historical Society's core mission, we are currently advocating for more individual and district landmarks to be designated, both here and across Queens, and to a larger extent, NYC as a whole.

Queens, when compared with Manhattan and Brooklyn, has very few landmarks and landmark districts. Many other landmark-worthy places in Queens are extremely important to NYC’s cultural integrity. BHS feels it is imperative to have more.

The success stories below are a lasting achievement for the people of Bayside and NYC, and they were accomplished through hard work, passion, commitment, and support from neighborhood residents who wrote letters, attended hearings, or just helped spread the word. Together, we can keep history alive!

Click on the photos below to view a slideshow of historic sites that Bayside Historical Society has helped to preserve for future generations:

You Can Help Save Local History


Support the Merchant House Museum, NYC's first landmark designated building (1965) in their campaign to stop construction of an office tower adjacent to their home in Manhattan, which would seriously damage the physical integrity of the structure. The Merchant House is one of a very few interior (and exterior) landmarks in NYC.


Please sign the link at Action Network: Save the Merchant's House Museum!

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