Current Exhibits

Changing exhibits and long-term installations cultivate interest in the history and culture of northeast Queens. Many materials used are culled from the archival collection, and encourage conversation and inquiry.
Bayside American Legion Collection
From the Archives: Bayside American Legion Collection
Online Exhibit


Our newest online exhibit is a collection of historical memorabilia from the American Legion Post 510 of Bayside, including rare scrapbooks, photographs, periodicals and more. Special thanks to Joan and Robert Firmery, whose father was past commander Arthur Firmery, for their contributions to this exhibit.

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Bell Family Correspondences
From the Archives: Bell Family Correspondences
Online Exhibit


This new online exhibit provides a snippet of the letter collection at Bayside Historical Society. These letter correspondences from the Bell Family Collection offer glimpses into the lives and times of the past century. 

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Holiday Greeting Cards of the Bell Family
From the Archives: Holiday Greeting Cards of the Bell Family
Online Exhibit


Like any American family, the Bells collect and send holiday greeting cards to friends and loved ones. This exhibit showcases some of the pretty designs of the holiday cards kept by members of the Bell Family and ultimately preserved by our Archives.

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Poems of the Bell Family
From the Archives: Poems of the Bell Family
Online Exhibit


This online exhibit presents poems written by the Bells of Bayside and collected by Bayside Historical Society. These handwritten pieces showcase the artistic merit of the many members of the family during their time living in Bayside, NY. Taken from the archives of Bayside Historical Society's Bell Family Collection, these written works offer insights into the events that they have experienced during their time. 

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Bayside Yacht Club Exhibit
From the Archives: Bayside Yacht Club
Now showing on the first floor


The first installment of Bayside Historical Society's latest exhibit series, “From the Archives,” showcases documents, artifacts, photographs, and other archival materials from the Bayside Yacht Club collection. 

The BHS Castle is closed to the public at the present time, but we hope this video tour of our Bayside Yacht Club exhibit will inspire you to see it in person once we reopen!

Men in Rows Exhibit
Men in Rows
Now showing on the first floor


Formal group portraiture is a centuries-old tradition where people come together to memorialize an occasion and record it for posterity. Yet, in many cases, the subjects are identified by their group affiliation only. So, aside from their collective identity, just who are the men in these photos?

Image: Beefsteak Dinner in honor of Bayside's veterans, December 1919

Ladies in Lines Exhibit
Ladies in Lines
Now showing on the first floor


Group portraiture denotes a collective identity wherein the ensemble takes precedence over the individual. Candid or informal photographs enable those individuals that comprise the group to sustain the moment — to look back, and recall the time, place, and reason that particular occasion warranted documentation. BHS has a trove of unidentified group photographs in its collections with a selection featured in this exhibit.


Image: Members of the Bayside Woman's Club, June 1932

Native Bayside Exhibit
Native Bayside
Now showing on the second floor


Native Bayside chronicles the prehistory of Bayside and the Northeast through artifacts recovered from an archaeological site in Queens and a model of the site excavation. The culmination of 35 years of work by archaeologist Edward J. Platt and the New York Institute of Anthropology, the Bayside site is the oldest carbon-14 dated continually inhabited site in coastal New York State.