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The Van Riper “Celebrity Map”

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Greetings! As many residents of Bayside already know, our community was once home to a great number of famous individuals, many of whom were in the movie and entertainment business. Therefore we would often receive inquiries regarding the addresses and homes of famous actors and actresses who lived in Bayside. One of the best sources of information we have on this subject comes from scattered information in our Archives that we curated into an exhibit many years ago. Fortunately for us, we now have another resource to rely on, thanks to a generous donor: A "Celebrity Map" distributed by Thomas Van Riper Realtors that details the places of residence for celebrities and politicians in the Bayside/Flushing area. Additionally, it also provides a list of street names along with locations of noteworthy destinations in the neighborhood. It was such an interesting and informative resource that I decided to go ahead and digitally capture the map for all to see! You can access the high-resolution version in our digital archives here:

Being a map that was published in 1985, the Van Riper map reminded me of another document that detailed the location of the various local shops of Bayside in the same year. I decided to digitize that as well as a bonus, view the high-resolution copy here:

I am sure some folks have seen this Bayside stores map in the wild, hanging in some corner or wall in a local establishment. Last time I spotted it, it was in a pizza joint close to the Cross Island Parkway near Fort Totten. I wonder if anyone knows which place I am talking about?

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