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Vintage Postcards of Bayside, New York

Crocheron Park
© Bayside Historical Society

Crocheron Park

Crocheron Park takes its name from the Crocheron family. The earliest member was John Crocheron, a farmer who first settled in the area some time before 1695. His descendants include Henry Crocheron, a Congressman from 1815 to 1817; Jacob Crocheron, a Congressman from 1829 to 1831 and Nicholas Crocheron, a member of the 1854 State Assembly. Another descendent, Joseph Crocheron, was the proprietor of Crocheron House, a hotel located on the shores of Little Neck Bay in Bayside.

After the Crocheron House burned down in 1907 the estate went unused for approximately 20 years until the City of New York bought the land in 1924. The next year, at the behest of the Bayside Civic Association, the City purchased an additional 45 acres neighboring Crocheron House for the construction of a park that opened in 1936. After the initial construction, which featured picnic grounds, walkways, and an array of specimen trees, the Parks Department has since added a dozen tennis courts, a field house, six baseball diamonds, and a playground. The park adjoins John Golden Park which was bequeathed to the City of New York in 1956.

The hexagonal gazebo seen in this postcard stands on the bluff overlooking Little Neck Bay.

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