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Vintage Postcards of Bayside, New York

Bayside Train Station
© Bayside Historical Society

Bayside Train Station

In 1854 the Flushing Rail Road made it easier for Baysiders to reach Manhattan. Travelers started their journey at the Flushing Terminal where they would meet the once daily train that took them to Hunters Point. From there, they ferried across the East River to Manhattan.

In 1866 The North Shore Rail Road built a line from Flushing to Great Neck that eventually continued on into Port Washington. The line was leased and operated by the Flushing and New York Rail Road. By 1876 the Poppenhusen Family, which already owned the North Shore and Central Rail Road, united their main competitors consolidating the Long Island Rail Road, The Flushing Rail Road, the North Shore and Central Rail Road as well as the South Side Rail Road.

In 1900 the Long Island Rail Road had been bought by the Pennsylvania Railroad. Electric rails were installed in 1908 and by 1910 there was direct service into Penn Station which heavily contributed to Bayside's expansion as a commuter suburb creating a housing boon and population increase beginning at the turn of the last century.

This postcard features the Bayside Train Station built in 1924. The new station replaced the original structure and was relocated to the north side in anticipation of the project to depress the tracks below street level in 1928.

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