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Vintage Postcards of Bayside, New York

Belleclaire Country Club
© Bayside Historical Society

Belleclaire Country Club

The Belleclaire Country Club was situated on what was previously the Cain Farm. James W. Cain purchased the 117 acres in 1852 and the property stayed in the family until his son, James W. Cain II, died in 1917.  The Cain Farmhouse stood at the southern end of Bell Avenue near the south side of Rocky Hill Road (now 48th Avenue) near the present entrance to Bayside Hills. 

In 1917 the estate was sold to the owner of the Belleclaire Hotel in Manhattan.  The farm, along with the farm house, was converted into the golf club and club house and the property became the Belleclaire Country Club.  In 1929 a realty group took over the club and operated it on a semi-public basis as Queensboro Golf and Country Club.  The venture failed and by 1931 the club was reorganized and again became a private club with the name The Old Belleclaire. 

By the late 1930s the property was sold to the homebuilders, Gross Morton Company, which built the Bayside Hills development. This postcard pre-dates 1936 as that was the year in which the original Cain Farmhouse was torn down.

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