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Vintage Postcards of Bayside, New York

Garrison's Inn
© Bayside Historical Society

Garrison's Inn

Anthony Miller of Long Island City opened Garrison’s in 1890. The hotel was located at the northern end of Bell Boulevard near the entrance to Fort Totten and overlooked Little Neck Bay. Like its neighbor, Crocheron House, Garrison's was a favorite resort destination for both locals and tourists.

It is unclear whether the hotel was named after the Garrison at Fort Totten or referenced Mathew Garretson, an early Bayside settler who purchased the land from the Dutch in 1645.

Following Prohibition in 1919, Garrison's was acquired by a local boating organization, The New York Canoe Club, which leased the building and dock until it ceased operation in 1930.

This postcard dates from 1908 (the same year Crocheron House burnt down).

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