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Vintage Postcards of Bayside, New York

Post Gymnasium - Fort Totten
© Bayside Historical Society

Post Gymnasium - Fort Totten

In order to meet the recreational needs of the enlisted and non-commissioned officers at the fort, this gymnasium replaced a wood framed structure that was situated almost in the exact location. In keeping with the architectural style during the building campaign of the early 20th Century on the fort, the gymnasium features the Colonial Revival style.

The building seen in the distance was built in 1926 as the Army YMCA at Fort Totten in the neo-Georgian style and served as a recreational and service facility. The Historic District Designation Report explains that "the YMCA played an active support role in World War I, and it had a presence at Fort Totten prior to the construction of this building, one of many permanent facilities constructed by the YMCA on army posts throughout the United States during this period. The building remained in active use as YMCA for many years, and subsequently was used by the Community Relations unit of the New York City Police Department."

Both buildings can be seen in Fort Totten Park today.

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