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Holiday Baking Blast from the Past

Enjoy this selection of vintage baking recipes from the 1920 Bayside Woman’s Club Cookbook
1920s housewife at stove cooking

One century ago in 1920, the members of the Bayside Woman’s Club compiled their favorite recipes into a series of cookbooks. Written by the affluent women of Bayside — some of the contributors were descendants of the Bell family after which Bell Boulevard was named — these books were originally intended for use by community groups and housewives. One hundred years later, this cookbook gives us a glimpse into the lives of women from this social class at the turn of the 20th century in Bayside. 

This holiday season, Bayside Historical Society is offering a special treat: Every Friday in December, we’ll unveil vintage baking recipes from the Bayside Woman’s Club Cookbook! Our staff has combed through the recipes and selected sweets that translated best to our modern kitchens — no need to dust off the ole’ gas cabinet range! 

The BHS staff tried their hand at some of these vintage baking recipes  — check out some of the results of their endeavors in our Facebook photo album!

Recipe List